Construction Management

    Our Construction Management (CM) Team is closely involved in the planning and design phase and typically joins the project at the same time as the architect. W provide input on constructability, budget, and schedule, which reduces costs. During the construction phase, our full-time supervision team is on site, monitoring work to assure compliance with specifications, budget and schedule. Our CM team also acts as a liaison to the owner providing the on-going status of the project, producing monthly progress reports which detail the status of the job from start to finish.


    • Customer Focus
    • Quality Assurance
    • Process Re-engineering

    Management is both art and science. We modulate the art of applying personal judgement in dealing with people and situation with scientific principles and policies that have stood the test of time.

    We adopt the outward-in approach to customer focus in a global village where the customer is now sophisticated in taste, and critical in quality.

    Our process is designed and re-engineered to consume the appropriate inputs in a system that generates quality compliant output with respect to performance, features, reliability, durability, serviceability, conformance to specification and aesthetic values.